Vitra Miniature Molded Plywood Elephant


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A replica of the historic Eames elephants.

Almost no other animal enjoys such popularity as the elephant. Admired for its majestic size and loved for its proverbial good-humour, it is part of our everyday experience as a child’s cuddly toy, a storybook character and a majestic creature. Charles and Ray Eames also succumbed to their charms and in 1945 designed a toy elephant made of plywood. However, it never made it into mass production and only 2 prototypes were developed. The Eames elephant is now available for the first time in a plastic version for those it was originally intended for: children. Whether used as a toy, or a decorative item (indoors or out) – this friendly-looking animal with its distinctive, over-sized ears is bound to bring cheer and enjoyment to many a child’s and parent’s heart.

The Vitra Miniatures collection are exact reproductions of the original designs at a scale of 1:6. Every detail has been recreated in the structure and materials used. The miniatures are packed in a collectable wooden box.

Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 2.75 × 2.75 in
Year Designed



Plywood With Face Veneer In American Cherry


5 Years

Manufactured In/By

Made In Switzerland By Vitra

Charles & Ray Eames

Elephants Or Molded Plywood

Starting in 1941 with the experimental molded plywood chair seats and the Kazam! machine, Charles and Ray Eames continued their explorations with the splint, litters and arm splints in 1941 - 1944, eventually selling the plywood splints to the US Navy during World War II. Concurrently, their love of sculptural forms, toys and the circus (with its organized chaos resembling the practice of design) Charles and Ray also created beautiful molded plywood sculptures and toys. Molded plywood elephants, now also made in kid-friendly polypropylene are available today.

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