1675 Table

DATE - 1962

The 1675 Group came out in 1962, with the same base as was offered on the early Executive Chairs. The shape of the four blades is more organic, and less angular than the 1957 Eames contract base. The same mold that produced the Lobby chair bases was also used to produce the bases for all three models of this table group. In addition to the manufacturing efficiency of using the same base that was made for chairs also for tables, there was another advantage of this base. The rounded forms of the four blades were more congruent visually with the four blades of the Eames La Fonda Chairs. With some encouragement from Herman Miller, customers often paired this table with La Fonda Chairs.


Additional Information

The Eameses introduced their first contract table base in 1953, with a base made of solid cast aluminum, combined with a rolled steel tube for height, and a cast aluminum spider on the top of the tube to affix to the tabletop. That early five-blade base still lives on as the base for the Eames 670 Lounge Chair. Their first contract chair base came out simultaneously, and that four-blade base still lives on as the base for the Eames 671 Ottoman. They worked on continuously refining the form of their contract bases, and in 1957, a year before the Eames Aluminum Group was formally introduced, the Eames Office offered the first base called the “Eames Contract Base.”

There were three tables in this Furniture Group, which we no longer produce. The 1675 was a 28 ½ inch high dining table with a round top 42 inches in diameter. The 1677 was a 28 ½ inch high dining table for smaller spaces, with a round top 36 inches in diameter. Rounding out the group was the first Eames table designed as a conference table, the 1679, which was only 25 ½ inches high and had a 42 inch diameter top. This Conference Table version was the one most frequently used with the Eames Time-Life or Executive Chairs.

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