DATE - 1944

The development of the experimental Eames 1944 Lounge Chair had its origins in the successful process of designing and making Eames leg splints. With the leg splints, Charles and Ray had achieved what eluded previous designers in plywood: thin sheets of plywood molded with compound curves. 

Eames 1944 Lounge Chair

During World War 2, Charles and Ray devoted their days to wartime efforts, but at night and on weekends, they had begun to advance their experiments in molded plywood furniture for home and offices. In addition to individual chairs for dining tables or desks, they also tried making lounge chairs with molded plywood. The result was was the experimental Eames 1944 Lounge Chair.

They have no upholstery because that was the concept: to support the human body by the form of the chair, not by its padding or springs. In these early experiments, we can see the first stages of what became the very successful lounge chair and ottoman of 1956.

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