A selection of books about Charles and Ray Eames that the Eames Office recommends.

100 Quotes by Charles Eames

In celebration of the centennial year of Charles Eames, the Eames Office, in collaboration with Herman Miller, complied 100 quotes by the legendary designer into a book.

Although Charles Eames wrote very little in the way of formal books or articles, he did have a remarkable facility with the spoken word. His lectures were as much a part of his body of work as other, perhaps more well know, products of the Eames Office. It seemed fitting to gather his words—taken from articles, books, films, interviews, lectures, notes and office files—and present select ones together.

Because the Herman Miller community encompasses a large part of the world, each quote is offered in 7 languages: English, Complex Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Portuguese, and Spanish.

An Eames Anthology

An Eames Anthology collects for the first time the writing of the esteemed American architects and designers Charles and Ray Eames, illuminating their marriage and professional partnership of fifty years.

More than 120 primary-source documents and 200 illustrations highlight iconic projects such as the Case Study Houses and the molded plywood chair, as well as their work for major corporations as both designers (for Herman Miller, Vitra) and consultants (for IBM, Polaroid).

Previously unpublished materials appear alongside published writings by and about the Eameses and their work, lending new insight into their creative process.  Correspondence with such luminaries as Richard Neutra and Eero Saarinen provides a personal glimpse into the advance of modernity in mid-century America.

Beautiful Details

This massive monograph celebrates Ray’s centennial anniversary and the Eameses’ incredibly diverse interdisciplinary work in depth, including many never-before-published images. Additionally, the book is authored by three generations of the Eames family, including quotes and essays by: Charles and Ray, daughter Lucia Eames, and all five of her children.“Just observing Charles’s behavior, from his work ethic and his reactions to ideas, ensured that everyone who worked there rose to his or her highest levels of performance. Charles Eames’s urgency about quality may be his greatest contribution. The standards of quality he exemplified must become the standards to which we all aspire.”

Changing Her Palette

Paintings by Ray Eames by Eames Demetrios is the catalogue of an Eames Office exhibition.  This charming 40 page book is a vital record of Ray’s early work. This a great glimpse of Ray’s formative years.

“Did I tell you that Mrs. Swift (from S. F.) was amazed at the Miro influence in my mural–I am still raging when I think of the limitations of the medium, paint, purpose and everything.  How could it turn out any differently than it did?”  Letter from Ray Kaiser to Ben Baldwin, 1940.

Eames Designs

Eames Design (1989) by Ray Eames and Marilyn & John Neuhart was intended by Ray to be a book without adjectives. It is a marvelous chronological study of the work of the extraordinarily prolific husband-and-wife team whose creative imprint revolutionized the look of postwar American society. Filled with thousands of images and in-depth timelines, this book is a must-have for any Eames or design enthusiast.

Eames Primer

The first book to capture the philosophy and spirit behind the work of Charles and Ray Eames, An Eames Primer, offers an in-depth look at the couple’s prolific legacy.

Those who know one or two aspects of the Eameses’ work are often surprised to learn just how far and vast their range extended. Yet, their core philosophy prevails throughout their myriad works, from architecture and furniture to exhibition design and filmmaking.

Author Eames Demetrios explores the rich energy of the Eameses’ world from a unique perspective, informed by his close relationship with Charles and Ray. He shares personal anecdotes, previously unpublished photos, and his extensive interviews with former friends and colleagues of the Eameses to make connections between the Eameses’ influential philosophy and their widely admired work. For those unacquainted with the designers, the stories behind the design process will inform, entertain, and inspire, while readers with extensive knowledge of the Eameses’ work gain a deeper level of understanding of their process.

Compact and highly accessible, An Eames Primer is the definitive introduction to the life of the twentieth century’s most influential designers.

Fifteen Things Charles and Ray Teach Us

An essay by designer Keith Yamashita responding to the experience of the content of the Eames Exhibtion: The Work of Charles and Ray Eames: A Legacy of Invention. This simple overview of the Eames work has proved incredibly popular. Published by the Eames Office.

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