DATE - 1951

The Eames 1951 High Back Wire Chair was developed concurrently with the Eames Office development of the Upholstered Wire Chairs. As with the Upholstered Wire Chairs, the framework of each was made of steel wire, designed as structural support for upholstered pads.

Eames 1951 High Back Wire Chair

The Eames 1951 High Back Wire Chair was a step on the road that led to the eventual development of the famous Eames Lounge Chair. First, they tried to make lounge chairs out of wood, with no upholstery, then they made this model, a high back wire chair with arms, onto which upholstery could be attached. Again, the high cost of production of such a chair, with its myriad wire connections, led them to abandon this lounge chair iteration, but echoes of its form can be seen in the later and very successful Eames Lounge Chair.

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