Globe Skateboards x Eames Office

(3 February 2023, Australia) The boardsports heritage brand, Globe, are proud to announce the upcoming release of new skateboards in collaboration with the Eames Office. The Eames Silhouette Series, and a Blazer “Play” cruiseboard, are based on the iconic designs of Charles and Ray Eames and will be available globally in February, 2023.

Charles & Ray Eames are among the most influential American designers of the 20th century, best known for their innovative contributions to architecture, furniture design, industrial design, photographic arts, and perhaps most importantly, pioneers of the press we use today to make skateboards. Sharing a similar appreciation for craftsmanship, details, and “taking your pleasure seriously”, Globe is proud to present the first offering in an on-going collaboration with the Eames Office. In addition is Globe’s iconic Blazer cruiser, adored with colorful pattern art inspired from the Eameses’ “The Toy”.

Three new boards make up the Silhouette Series, which features a double-sided silk screen print on walnut veneer and reveals some of the most iconic Eames designs: ‘Hang-it-all” depicts a cheerful object designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1953, “for children to hang all their belongings”. “Hang-it-all” is a highly functional wall hook; it is educational as its wooden balls of different sizes and colors convey a sense of order; and in its composition of geometric shapes, it is as beautiful as a work of abstract art.

Solar Do-Nothing Machine’ shows a kinetic sculpture designed in 1957 for a national aluminum forecast program. Charles and Ray Eames created a solar machine powered by small electric motors, which was both an art installation while also growing awareness of renewable energy.

Molded Plywood Sculpture” shows one of the Eameses’ innovative experiments with plywood from 1943. Their Plywood Sculpture was not only a beautiful work of contemporary art, but also a technological breakthrough.

Inspired by the design philosophy of Charles and Ray Eames, Globe will also launch a Blazer cruiseboard that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. In a homage to Charles and Ray, the board is adorned with brightly colored triangles based on ‘The Toy’, from 1951, an innovative playful design that had people of all ages building tunnels and structures. Charles Eames once said, “Toys are not really as innocent as they look. Toys and games are the prelude to serious ideas,” and the Blazer “Play” is meant to inspire adventure and playful fun.

Each board in the Silhouette Series is priced at USD $124.95 / $159.99AUD which includes a co-branded wall-mount, and the Toy Blazer cruiserboard costs USD $199.95 / $239.99AUD. All products will be available online at and at select stores across the United States and Australia.