Eames Wool Blanket


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A chic and cozy wool throw.

Like many other prominent twentieth century architects and designers, Charles and Ray Eames also sought to implement their ideas about colors, shapes and materials in the design of textiles.

The Dot Pattern was created in 1947 in conjunction with an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The pattern is a large-scale graphic composition made up of crosses and dots, thereby referencing the abstract paintings by Ray Eames from the 1930s.

The Eames Wool Blankets are produced in a jacquard weave, which means that the colors of the “Dot Pattern” are reversed on the front and back. Available in several hues, the wool blankets are made of 100% high-quality Merino lambs-wool, and are particularly light, fine and soft to the touch while also providing optimal warmth and thermal balance.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 78.75 × 53.25 × 1 in
Year Designed



100% Merino lamb's wool

Manufactured In/By

Made In Switzerland By Vitra

Charles & Ray Eames


Charles Ormand Eames Jr., a nearly-licensed architect born in St. Louis in 1907, and Bearnice Alexandra “Ray” Kaiser, an abstract painter born in Sacramento in 1912, are cemented into the canon of 20th-century design. Since uniting in 1940, these partners in life and work have been internationally recognized at the forefront of the design, architecture, filmmaking, and furniture communities.


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