For C in Limited Palette


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A gift to her huband, Charles, Ray’s painting hung in the Eames House for years.

Two years after Charles and Ray married, Ray made this oil painting for Charles. “For C in a Limited Palette” has spent most of its life inside the Eames House, hanging in the spiral stairway. This print is the fourth in a series of a paintings by Ray Eames seen at the 2021 Isetan Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.

Released for the first time for public purchase. Limited run of 100 numbered copies with Certificate of Authenticity.

Photograph is printed on 100% Cotton Rag, matted, dust sealed and framed with a thin, black, metal Neilsen frame.

Weight 2.8 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 14 × 0.875 in
Year Designed



Archival Quality 100% Cotton Rag, matted, dust sealed and framed with thin, black, metal Neilsen frames with mounting hardware kit.

Ray Eames


Ray Eames was born in 1917 and studied art in New York City before she enrolled at Cranbrook in 1940. Being most famous for her contributions to the Eames Office, often her background as a painter is forgotten. These paintings were completed in the 1940s, before before she became renowned for her furniture and films. In their gentle curves and bold lines, one can see the inspiration that would develop into Eamesian design. Without Ray’s keen eyes and artistic intuition there wouldn't be an Eames Office.

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