Eames Soft Pad Group

S Soft Pad Group EA 216_54554_master

1969 – Present

Both rich and voluptuous, the Eames Soft Pad Group offers a seating experience that adapts to the body of each sitter.

In terms of both construction and shape, the Soft Pad Chairs are similar to the design of the Aluminum Group, but their sewn-on cushions create a striking contrast to the slender Aluminum profiles.

The seams on the cushions feature a double-needle top stitch—a technically difficult and time-consuming detail, but one that results in a durable, long-lasting product.

The Eames Soft Pad Group comes in a number of options well suited for a variety of environments. The EA 205/207/208 provide comfort and a prestigious ambience in meeting and conference settings, while the EA 215/216 and EA 222/223 are an ideal choice for relaxed seating in lobbies, lounges, and waiting areas.

Mounted on a swivel base and available with backrests in various heights, the EA 217/219 complete the product group. With this wide range of models and colors, you can find the perfect Soft Pad Chair for every interior.

The design is still manufactured today by our partners, Herman Miller and Vitra.