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The designers themselves in 20 intimate portraits.

This book of postcards takes a step back from the other three, where the focus was pinned to the subjects which interested Charles and Ray Eames, the products they made, and they space that together they created, and it focuses on the two designers themselves. While it’s a photo study on their life, it shows how interconnected their philosophy on work and play truly is, as they encompass their beliefs candidly. From Charles and Ray captured together in Los Angeles, fresh from their wedding, to Charles making adjustments to the fun and innovative Solar Do Nothing Machine, this is a perfect conclusion to the Eames Images postcards.

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20 various postcards featuring Charles &Ray Eames
Please note that there may be minor scuffing to the outside cover of the books.

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Charles & Ray Eames


Charles Ormand Eames Jr., a nearly-licensed architect born in St. Louis in 1907, and Bearnice Alexandra “Ray” Kaiser, an abstract painter born in Sacramento in 1912, are cemented into the canon of 20th-century design. Since uniting in 1940, these partners in life and work have been internationally recognized at the forefront of the design, architecture, filmmaking, and furniture communities.

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