DATE - 1949

What we refer to as the Alcove Table was originally site-specific furniture custom-made by Charles and Ray Eames. Now we produce two versions of it, for the general public. The first Alcove Table was made for the Eames House. The base consists of a solid wood dowel leg and steel wire structure, similar to our dowel leg chair bases. The top on the one in the Eames House is a sheet of brass, covered in good leaf, and this is supported by a flat piece of plywood, slightly smaller than the brass. 

Additional Information

The following two were made for friends of Charles and Ray Eames. Along with a sofa similar to the Eames House Alcove Sofa, Charles and Ray made a similar alcove table for the office of their friend, Twentieth Century Fox Film screenwriter, Phillip Dunne. In addition, they gave Dunne’s table a solid marble top.

The third one was for the Chicago offices of toy and game entrepreneur John Burton Tigrett, who was the original distributor for the Eames House of Cards, the Eames Toy, the Eames Little Toy, and the Eames Coloring Toy. His top was made of plywood, topped with a premium face veneer. It is this last historical example that gave us guidance for the “alcove tables” made today by our partners Herman Miller and Vitra. They sell these tables with wood tops in two different lengths.

Briefly, on the fiftieth anniversary of the Eames House, we made a limited called “The Anniversary Table,” with brass tops covered in real gold leaf. Those were made in limited editions and sold for the benefit of The Eames Foundation.

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