Stephens Speaker

DATE - 1956

Stephens Trusonic, Inc., makers of high-fidelity audio equipment, asked Charles to design the enclosures for their products. The Eames Office developed baffles within the speakers which amplified and also enhanced the audio. They also constructed four designs for enclosures that incorporated the plywood-molding techniques developed for the early chairs and the Case Goods system.

Additional Information

The “Quadraflex Speaker,” was selected as the production model. The speaker, set into the center of a square wooden case, incorporates a cast aluminum pedestal base, identical to the base used on the ottoman for the lounge chair. 

The speaker has a handsome molded walnut plywood exterior.  Unique to the Quadraflex Speaker, it was designed as a piece of furniture at home alongside other furniture in living rooms or studios. 

Stephens manufactured and marketed this speaker for several years. Herman Miller supplied the pedestal bases.

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