Radio Enclosures

DATE - 1946

A line of radio enclosures was yet another product of the Molded Plywood Experiments. Partnered with Evans Products, the Eames Office developed plywood enclosures to house the speakers.

Additional Information

Manufacturers such as the Bendix Corporation, Emerson Radio, Farnsworth Company, Hamilton Radio Corporation, Federal Telephone & Radio Corporation, Majestic Radio, Magnavox, Stromberg Carlson Company, and Zenith Corporation all used these plywood enclosures, which were made of birch and ash. The cabinet fronts were formed with a “dimpled” surface, first used in the Case Goods storage system and later the Eames Storage Units. While visually pleasing, it also served a purpose: it strengthened the panels and kept them from warping. Approximately 200,000 radio cabinets were produced in an assortment of designs. Manufacturing was discontinued after 1952.

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