DATE - 1964

These are the only Eames seating designs created exclusively for outdoor use. The Eames IBM pavilion at the 1964 NYWF was equipped with many of these wall-mounted units. The structural elements relate to the “bridge” structure of the Eames Chaise, with similar volumes, but unlike the Eames Chaise, these were designed only to be used wall-mounted. 

Additional Information

With this simple expedience, eliminating legs, the Eames Office made sure that it would be easy for the cleaning crews to keep the pavilion clean.

On the underside of the seat and the backside of the bench is structural support in the form of sheets of molded plywood. Foam is laid over the molded plywood and covered by carefully scored Naugahyde. The scoring of the Naugahyde keeps the foam in place, so it doesn’t bunch up in any one area.

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