DATE - 1971

The EC-127 was a variation of the DCM- (Dining Chair Metal). The main innovation was the substitution of fiberglass-reinforced plastic for plywood, allowing the introduction of a new shock-absorbing rubber and metal mount. This new detail, which maintained the dramatic cantilevered interface of the metal frame while avoiding the pitfalls of a glued connection, proved valuable enough to be used in most Eames plastic chairs for years to come. 

Eames EC-127

The Eames EC-127 was essentially a soft DCM. The foam pad was glued glued onto the plastic seat and back and edged with vinyl. The chair frame is identical to the one used for the DCM.

While most of America was high-fiving the moon landing in 1969, the Herman Miller Tech Center engineers were high-fiving the Eames development of an integral molded shock-mount connection. The EC-127 was more durable and less expensive to produce than the DCM, resulting in strong sales in the US’s library, school, and hospital markets. Its back legs were also ¾” longer than the DCM to allow for a more ergonomic reading posture.

The Eames EC-127 was introduced in 1971 and discontinued in 1981.

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