DATE - 1961

As designers, Charles and Ray wanted to be of service, and solving problems for friends was a good starting point. This particular furniture line has always been known unofficially as the “La Fonda Group,” because its genesis was a response to what Alexander Girard needed for his new restaurant, La Fonda Del Sol, in the prestigious Time-Life Building in New York City.

Eames DAL

The seat shells of the Eames Plastic Chairs can be combined with a variety of different bases. The base for the Eames DAL chair (Dining Height Armchair La Fonda Base) was developed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1961 for the legendary New York restaurant La Fonda del Sol, whose interior was designed by their friend Alexander Girard. With its central pedestal consisting of four parallel shafts that split at the bottom to form a four-star base, it is one of the most elegant bases designed by the Eameses.

After first appearing in the restaurant, the Eameses and their partners at Herman Miller agreed that the La Fonda designs would appeal to their larger clientele, and starting in 1961 made some of these designs available to the public. After that, they were in continuous production for almost 30 years.

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