Movable Feasts and Changing Calendars



Coinciding with Easter, the Eames Office organized an exhibition for IBM that focused on movable celebrations that do not fall on the same date each year, such as Easter, Rosh Hashanah, Ramadan, and the Chinese New Year.

The exhibition explored how people, beginning with primitive societies, have used astronomy to organize their yearly calendars: “the recording of seasonal and astronomical reoccurrences is the beginning of written history.  There was a calendar before there was an alphabet.”

The exhibition included woodcuts and engravings, and a broad range of images—from flowers, plants and animals to fireworks, churches, and eggs.  It also featured graphic panels and interactive devices such as paper orreries and a large calendar drum (one solar year around) that explored how these holidays specifically, and calendars in general, are linked to astronomy.

Eames Office Exhibition Graphics