DATE - 1946

The LCM, lounge chair wood with metal legs, was developed concurrently with the LCW. Charles and Ray had several key objectives in designing chairs. They wanted them to be reasonably priced, light, and durable. It was also important that they follow the body’s natural contours and flex with a person’s movements. 

Additional Information

One of the Eameses’ most inventive ideas was the application of shock mounts to furniture design. Previously employed only for industrial purposes, Charles and Ray were the first to adapt the technique to plywood chairs. They used thick rubber discs to reduce the shock between the wooden seat and back sections, providing strength, resiliency, and flexibility within the composition.

The LCM (Lounge Chair Metal) features sheets of premium face veneer on both sides of the seat and back. The wide variety of wood available adds to the versatility and beauty of Charles and Ray’s molded plywood design. The chair can also be padded and upholstered, giving you numerous options to customize the seating for any space.

The LCM frame is much more delicate than the bent wood legs and frame of the LCW. Steel rod can do the job of wood, with less mass. The Eames LCM is still manufactured today by Vitra and Herman Miller.

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