Isaac Newton: Physics for a Moving Earth

DATE - 1973

Isaac Newton: Physics for a Moving Earth opened in time to celebrate the astronomer’s birth on Christmas in 1642. The exhibition, which presented Newton’s achievements in astronomy and mathematics, completed a year of science-related exhibitions curated by the Eames Office for IBM.

Additional Information

The traveling exhibition incorporated festive garlands, trees, drawings, and artifacts from 17th and 18th-century Christmas celebrations. Other objects included a wassail bowl, plum pudding, pie, a Christmas box, a wren box, and objects associated with the “Lord of Misrule” (one chosen to direct the sports and revels of an English family during the Christmas holidays). In addition, Isaac Newton displayed large hanging photographs taken by Charles Eames in England and Italy.

After its run at the IBM Corporate Exhibit Center, the show traveled extensively both nationally and internationally.

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