Carton City

DATE - 1951

Kids know that large boxes are sometimes more fun than the item inside. So in 1950, Charles and Ray gave playful and imaginative purpose to the furniture packaging. They created functional but fun decorations for the large boxes in which the assembled units were shipped to encourage parents to turn the boxes over to their kids for play objects. 

Eames Carton City

The Eames Office created an Eames Carton City for children called “Mayberry”, outside the 901.

Each cardboard box was printed in a colorful red and black design featuring the distinctive Herman Miller “M.” Each heavyweight cardboard carton was reinforced with wood splines. After the furniture had been removed, one only had to remove the wood splines and attach them to the bottom of the cartons to make the boxes into a playhouse that young kids would enjoy.

While these early boxes came with separate leaflets offering instructions on “How to Make a Playhouse,” the process was self-explanatory: dotted lines suggested locations for an entrance and a view out, as well as jaunty awnings.

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