Berkeley Course

DATE - 1953

In late 1953 Charles was invited by the School of Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley, to create the design course for first-year architecture students. 

Additional Information

Originally he was asked to restructure a graduate course, Charles felt it was most important to impact a student during the first months in the program. The course was given to 125 students and presented a series of lab problems, challenging the students to think in new terms about design and structure and connect experiences and events, history, and practice.

Charles had three basic guidelines: “the objective of each problem should be limited; the process of solution had to be within the scope of the student; and there had to be a practical basis for evaluating the results.” Lectures were delivered monthly, beginning in December 1953 and ending in April 1954. In between the lectures, students were to solve the lab problems on their own or with the help of teaching assistants.

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