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The Eames Toy- create large, bright, and colorful worlds

Large – colorful – easy to assemble – for creating a light bright expandable world large enough to play in and around!

After nearly 60 years, the Eames Office has reintroduced one of the most sought after Eames collectibles for people of all ages to enjoy and experience.  The Eames Toy is a large-scale building toy that echoes the Eamesian principle of modular systems.

Create your own world by building an endless variety of colorful structures in which to play.  It’s as simple as connecting vibrant triangle and square panels with honest materials –  wooden dowels and craft pipes.

The Eames Office designed The Eames Toy for adults, teenagers, and children to use as sets for amateur theatrics, as room decoration, or as tents for other toys and objects. The instructional sheet explains:

The Eames Toy is designed for many colorful hours of fun for the whole family, and each member can share and enjoy The Eames Toy in their own way.

The baby as a bright world to grow in
the small child as houses and tunnels and tents to play in
the boys and girls as towers, puppet theaters, large and exciting structures
the high school age as brilliant party decorations, plays and pageant sets
in college as campus and house decorations, fantastic and brilliant hanging objects to hover over a junior prom
young men and women, clubs, civic organizations, floats and festivals
The Eames Toy gives each one the means with which to express himself in big structures and brilliant colors.

Charles and Ray Eames first produced this product in 1951 for Tigrett Industries. It was the first toy they manufactured and sold in retail outlets. The Eames Office explored many options while developing The Toy, just as they did with all their projects.

They started by experimenting with cardboard triangles, as seen in the well-known photo of Ray outside the Eames House. Later, they added squares to allow larger structures to be constructed. When The Toy first went into production, it was made using a recently developed plastic-coated paper. Later, The Toy was made with vinyl–the same material that this re-released product is made with today.

Kit includes:

  • four 30″ squares and four 30″ triangles of heavy fire-resistant, water-resistant phthalate free vinyl
    38 hardwood dowels
    connection wires
    instruction sheet with building tips and ideas

The Eames Toy is not recommended for children under the age of 6 for building and under the age of 3 for small parts. Some parental guidance is to be expected while children are learning and exploring The Eames Toy.

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 5 × 4.5 in

Charles & Ray Eames


Charles and Ray were serious about the designing of objects—from the initial brainstorming of constraints to an item’s longevity through the decades—and simultaneously, they derived many of their design processes from toys. The intrinsic qualities of toys taught the Eameses that a design could be unselfconscious, simple in its use of materials, and provoke a feeling of delight.

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