The Toy


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1951 – 1959, 2017 – Present

After nearly 60 years, the Eames Office is excited to announce that it has reintroduced this sought-after Eames collectable for people of all ages to experience and enjoy. Now available in the Eames Shop.


The Eames Office designed The Toy for adults, teenagers, and children to use as sets for amateur theatrics, as room decoration, or as tents for other toys and objects. The outside label read, “Large-Colorful-Easy to Assemble-For Creating A Light, Bright Expandable World Large Enough To Play In and Around.”  

The Toy included colorful square and triangular panels, thin wooden dowels with pierced ends, and pipe cleaners for connectors.  

The Office originally made large, oblong packaging for The Toy, but the owner of Tigrett Industries said stores would have difficulty shipping and shelving something in such a large box. In response, Charles and Ray created a hexagonal tube that fit the needs of the retail shops carrying the product.

Sears, Roebuck & Company included The Toy in its catalog for several seasons, and it was featured in a Life Magazine article on July 16,1951. After 1959, the product went out of production. The Eames Office is pleased to announce it will reintroduce this classic Eames design in fall 2017.

Historic Materials

  • Prototype of original packaging

  • End cards for hexagonal packaging

  • Early Eames Office promotional brochure

  • Tigrett Enterprises promotional page

  • Eames Toy Patent

    Granted in 1955
  • Tigrett Ad for The Toy

    New Yorker 1952