DATE - 1967

The images for Picasso, a 96-slide, 3-screen (32-pass) slide show, were photographed by Charles during an impromptu, one-hour visit to an exhibition of Picasso’s work at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Additional Information

The images, close-ups, and details of sculpture, paintings, and drawings, provide intimate views of many of the exhibited items. The slide show, put together for friends who missed the exhibition, was also shown at a Friends of the Smithsonian meeting in 1967. At some showings, the slides were accompanied by classical music; at others, by a recorded Gertrude Stein reading from her writings on Picasso.  

The Picasso slide show is another of Charles’s attempts to capture a passing event and preserve its “essence” through photography. Beginning with the 1955 film Textiles and Ornamental Arts of India, these efforts were not intended to be documentary records but instead, to be visual syntheses of the “spirit” of the exhibition experience as seen through Charles’s eyes.

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