National Fisheries Center and Aquarium



This film was commissioned by the Secretary of the Interior to assist in promoting the proposed National Fisheries Center and Aquarium in Washington D.C.

The film shows the proposed location on the banks of the Potomac River, describes the architectural program, and gives a guided tour through a model of the galleries and exhibits.

Eames Office Consultant I. Bernard Cohen once said that “The films that Charles made were actually astonishing.  In fact, they were such realistic expressions of his ideas that one had the feeling sometimes that they had been completed.” Recalling a trip to D.C. where he and his wife wanted to visit the Eameses’ National Fisheries Center, Cohen jokes: “We tried and tried. We couldn’t find the damn thing.”  It finally dawned on them that the Aquarium, as tangible as it appeared in this film, did not exist—the government funding to build it hadn’t come through.

Two years after making this film, Charles and Ray developed a booklet from the film by the same title.


10 minutes, 35 seconds.  Color.

Historic Materials

  • Eames Office Model of the National Aquarium