House of Science

DATE - 1962

A multiscreen film of both animated and photographic sequences, designed to convey “the excitement, the diversity, and the richness of the scientific discipline.” As described by the narration, “Science is essentially an artistic or philosophical enterprise carried on for its own sake. In this, it is more akin to play than to work. But it is quite a sophisticated play in which the scientist views nature as a system of interlocking puzzles. He assumes that the puzzles have a solution, that they will be fair. He holds to a faith in the underlying order of the universe. His motivation is his fascination with the puzzle itself—his method a curious interplay between idea and experiment. His pleasures are those of any artist. High on the list of prerequisites for being a scientist is a quality that defines the rich human being as much as it does the man of science, that is, his ability and his desire to reach out with his mind and his imagination to something outside himself.”

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