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Music from the films of Charles and Ray Eames.

The Elmer Bernstein CD features four scores by composer, Elmer Bernstein for films by Charles and Ray Eames. They are Toccata for Toy Trains, House: after 5 years of living, the Polavision Vignettes, and Westinghouse in Alphabetical Order. A LIMTED EDITION OF ONLY 1000 UNITS were made! Elmer Bernstein met Charles and Ray Eames in 1952. Over the next three decades, in collaboration with the Eames’, Bernstein created music for some of the most original films from this period. This recording has been meticulously transferred from the finest available sources. Released on the composer’s own record label, Amber Records.

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Charles & Ray Eames


Above their role as furniture designers, Charles and Ray were communicators and educators. Museum exhibitions and World’s Fairs were avenues for the Eameses to reach the public masses, teaching about varied subjects like mathematics, technology, design, astronomy, geography, time, and culture. In all locations as well as within the walls of 901 Washington Boulevard, the films they made played a large part in their philosophy and design process. Whether the films were made for IBM, as proposals for airports, national aquariums or an exploration of patterns on a blacktop, the films by Charles and Ray Eames are some of the greatest tools they have left for us.

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