Philip Dunne Office

DATE - 1952

The head screenplay writer at Twentieth Century Fox, Philip Dunne, asked Charles and Ray to redesign the interior of his office in the “Old Writers Building” in 1952. Dunne wanted the L-shaped interior of his otherwise English cottage-inspired office building to include a modern-style conference area and small seating arrangement. 

Additional Information

Charles and Ray constructed a built-in sofa similar to the alcove sofa they built within the Eames House living room, which also looked similar to the Eames Sofa Compact. Completing the lounge space was an Eero Saarinen Womb Chair, a marble-topped occasional table, and a telephone stand they built from standardized materials. The conference area included a large plywood-topped table, a drafting table made from ESU materials, plywood DCM chairs, and plastic armchairs. Much like the other interior spaces Charles and Ray designed, Dunne’s office showcased a collection of unexpected objects: family photographs, a piece of driftwood, a large seashell, flowers and plants, a kite, hanging wire sculpture, and more.

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