DATE - 1946

Charles and Ray developed the DTW as a product of their process of developing their molded plywood chairs. In their exhibitions of the Eames molded plywood group in 1945 and 1946, two types of bent plywood tables were on display.

Additional Information

The benches for the early case goods were flat planes of plywood with box edges and short bent plywood legs. For dining or card and extension tables, they made dining height tables with such legs.

They glued an angled cast aluminum connector on each corner of the underside. The top of each l-shaped leg was affixed by screws to the connector. The legs were the innovative part of this design: they were molded in such a way that they could be nested for ease of shipping and storage. The table legs had an elegant profile, wider on the top and gradually narrowing towards the bottom.

The model names were DTW-1 for the dining table, and DTW-2 for the card or extension table. Introduced in 1946, this design was phased out in 1950-1951.

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