Reebok x Eames

Reebok and the Eames Office announce the next installment of their coveted collaboration: The Reebok x Eames – Club C ‘Dot Pattern & Composition Pack’ honoring the historic artistry of Ray Eames, one half of the design duo. Available exclusively via the Eames Office website on March 17th , the Reebok x Eames Office partnership continues to bring together the realms of fine art, interior architecture, and streetwear.

In summer 2021, the Reebok x Eames Club C ‘Monotone Pack’ became the first-ever footwear range developed in partnership with and authorized by the Eames Office—the practice that began with Charles and Ray’s marriage and move to California in 1941 and continues today, run by the third generation of the Eames family. Following the award-winning release, the 2022 Reebok x Eames – Club C ‘Dot Pattern & Composition Pack’ – their second and final iteration on Reebok’s historic Club C – offers a tribute to Ray Eames’ mastery of form and color, featuring a pair of shoes inspired by her most iconic paintings and textile prints.

Reebok x Eames – Club C ‘Dot Pattern’

Awash with the Dot Pattern textile print that was considered but not submitted by the Eames Office to MoMA’s 1947 Competition for Printed Fabrics. A field of dots are joined by tiny sinews that bring order and proportion to a randomly scattered field. Dot Pattern expresses the interconnectedness of Eames design. Though all work done by the Eames team in their staggeringly productive lifetimes was their joint achievement and vision, the image of Ray holding the final drawing still dazzles. The iconic print is deftly softened by a natural upper that rests on an unassuming raw rubber sole. 

Available 3/17/22 at 10 AM EST exclusively in our online shop.

Reebok x Eames – Club C ‘Composition’

Based on Ray’ Composition painting of 1939—the year before she met Charles at Cranbrook. Exhibiting the eye for abstraction that Ray honed under the tutelage of German émigré master Hans Hoffman, Composition’s subtle natural tones envelop an upper that floats atop a crisp white midsole. Ray’s handwritten signature enhances her personal connection to this collectible sneaker. 

Available 3/17/22 at 10 AM EST exclusively in our online shop.

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