Who We Are

Who We Are Eames family at the Eames House
Above: Lucia Eames and her five children (left to right)—Llisa Demetrios, Eames Demetrios, Byron Atwood, Carla Hartman, and Lucia Atwood—at the Eames House in 2004, shortly after she created the Eames Foundation to take care of the House. 


Charles and Ray’s work was a manifestation of one broad, all-encompassing goal: to positively impact people’s lives and environments. Whether offering a comfortable chair to sit in or the tools to obtain knowledge, they tried to “. . . get everybody to think in a more analytic and open way about how things might be different in their lives,” says former staff member Jehane Burns.

The design duo left a vital legacy that millions still cherish. Our goal today is both to share that legacy with you and to build upon it. The Eames Office is comprised of a team that includes Charles’s grandchildren (Principles Byron Atwood, Lucia Atwood, Eames Demetrios, Llisa Demetrios, and Carla Hartman), great-grandchildren, and a small but dedicated staff.

We work closely with the only two authorized manufacturers of Eames products: Herman Miller, Inc. and Vitra International; we curate exhibitions about Charles and Ray’s work and philosophies that travel worldwide; and we collaborate with the Eames Foundation in its goal to preserve the Eames House (a National Historic Landmark visited by thousands each year) for generations to come.

Left: Lucia Eames, flanked by Ray Eames and her father Charles Eames during the mid-1940s in Los Angeles, CA.