• Charles Eames on the function of a jukebox

    Posted July 17, 2019

    In Kansas City, Missouri, October 1952, Charles Eames gave a speech at the American Institute of...

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  • Eames Archives: An Image as an Idea

    Posted July 7, 2019

    Eames Archives: An Image as an Idea is a blog series written by an Eames historian with the...

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  • The Consistency of Structure

    Posted July 5, 2019

    Edward P. Morgan, the host of the experimental public television show “Public Broadcast...

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  • Charles Eames says “To hell with the seats”

    Posted June 26, 2019

    This is one of a series of blogs about An Eames Anthology. Here I highlight an Eames text that...

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  • California Love: Celebrating Charles & Ray’s 78th Anniversary

    Posted June 20, 2019

    We’re celebrating Charles and Ray on their 78th wedding anniversary by taking you back to...

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  • Happy 112th Birthday to Charles Eames!

    Posted June 17, 2019

    Eames fans often ask what Charles’s personality was like, what philosophies he held dear,...

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  • The Dresses of Ray Eames

    Posted June 12, 2019

    Ray Eames often wore bows in her hair or at the nape of her neck along with jumpers that had...

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  • Los Angeles as a City without Constraints

    Posted May 10, 2019

    To illustrate why constraints are important for developing a particular design style, Charles...

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  • A Post-War Solution for Life and Work

    Posted May 2, 2019

    The Eames House is an internationally-recognized historic structure that served as Charles and...

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  • Excerpts from An Eames Anthology for Earth Day 2019

    Posted April 22, 2019

    Charles and Ray Eames often addressed the issue of environmental sustainability. In this...

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