• Your Eames Story: From There to Here

    Posted February 17, 2016

    We read about the ways Charles and Ray have influenced your work, taught you to problem solve,...

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  • The Red Coffee Table

    Posted October 20, 2015

    As long as anyone in my family can remember, that round red table was there. Buried under...

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  • A Love for Eames and Each Other

    Posted January 19, 2015

    This past year, my husband and I were blessed with the birth of our son, Colt Tennyson...

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  • Her Grandfather’s Chair

    Posted November 30, 2014

    Sarah Pease in her grandfather's Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman. I began studying furniture...

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  • A passionate and informed Eames collector

    Posted September 12, 2014

    Thank you to "KL," an Eames enthusiast and collector, for graciously sharing his...

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