Timgad Slide Show



This 3-screen slideshow, assembled for the Norton Lectures in 1971, is one of several multiscreen presentations to exemplify a single idea, or what the Eameses called “information packets.” Charles and Ray thought teachers could draw upon this model to convey important ideas and concepts in the classroom.

This particular slideshow features 66 images of the ruins of the ancient city of Timgad in North Africa. The images run as a visual counterpoint to the soundtrack, in which the narrators read an exchange of letters concerning civic problems between the Roman emperor Trajan and the philosopher Pliny the Younger, who, at the time of the exchange, had recently been appointed the governor of Timgad.

The Eameses believed the problems being faced in A.D. 100–how to fund public works and services–were similar to current-day problems being tackled and addressed.