Think served as the main attraction of IBM’s Pavilion at the 1964 New York World’s Fair. The Eameses presented this multiscreen film in a large, egg-shaped structure, called the “Ovoid Theater,” that stood high above the canopy and central structure of the pavilion. To reach the Theater, visitors were lifted into the structure by means of the “People Wall,” which was configured like a grandstand and could carry up to 400 guests.

The film itself played out simultaneously on 14 large and eight small screens of different shapes and sizes. All the screens were coordinated with one another, creating a truly immersive movie experience.

Think explored problem-solving techniques for issues both commonplace and complex—from organizing the seating chart for a dinner party to city planning. Demonstrating the importance of the Guest/Host Relationship to the Eameses, an emcee greeted the audience and introduced some of the more complicated sequences.

The Eames Office made four films as records of the Fair to extend its life and ideas. This included the “souvenir” film below, titled IBM at The Fair, which collapsed the entire IBM display and film experience into a fast-moving review.  

Eames Office Models for the IBM Pavilion