The Little Toy


1952 – 1961

In the early 1950s, the Eameses created The Little Toy as a small variation of The Toy. In contrast to its predecessor, which was made for people to play “in,” Charles and Ray made this design for children and adults to play “with.”  

One could make small sets, tents, and houses to use with other toys and objects.

The Little Toy came with modular, square, and triangular cardboard panels in a range of bright, solid colors as well as silk-screened and geometric patterns. It also included wire frames and small pieces of colored bell wire to connect the shapes and frames together.

The product reflected the Eameses’ interest in modular space, and their love for adapting readily available, off-the-shelf materials to new and unexpected uses.  

The Little Toy is no longer in production.

Historic graphics

  • Original graphic wrap for The Little Toy box