Konditorei Slideshow



The Eameses visited Konditorei Kreutzmann, a pastry and coffee shop in Munich, during a cultural exchange trip they made to Germany.

Charles and Ray were so impressed with the perfection of the café’s operation and the elegance of its pastries that they persuaded the proprietor to let them photograph the shop’s behind-the-scenes production. Shooting began at 9:00 P.M. and continued throughout the night.

They captured everything they could to convey the art and character of the coffeeshop. In addition to recording the preparation, decoration, and serving of pastries, the Eameses photographed the storefront, architectural details, the servers’ uniforms, as well as the serving utensils and china.

Once Charles and Ray had returned from their trip, they used the photographs to make a three-screen, thirty-two-pass (ninety-six images were seen in sets of three) slideshow accompanied by baroque music.