Herman Miller International Slideshow

Herman Miller International-3


In 1967, Herman Miller sponsored an international conference for thirteen of its licensees from Europe, South America, and Japan. The company invited the group to meet its top designers, including George Nelson in New York City, Alexander Girard in Santa Fe, and Charles and Ray Eames in Los Angeles.

During a picnic lunch at the Eames House, Charles and Ray demonstrated the power of the Guest/Host Relationship by surprising those in attendance with an Eames Office slideshow of 156 images drawn from the group’s own trip across the United States. The photographers accompanying them had been secretly sending their film to the Eames Office for inclusion in the presentation.

Con Boeve of Herman Miller, who organized the tour, describes the experience here:

“All of a sudden this shed that is Eameses’ studio just resounded with a stereophonic ‘Stars and Stripes Forever.’ I mean, it just blew the roof off that place. And here on the wall is a three-screen projection covering the U.S. trip—including Disneyland—of all those people (the licensees) who were sitting there watching. They had stayed up all night, those Eames people, doing those slides. I’m telling you, it was just the most amazing thing. They cried, those licensees, they literally cried.”