Goods Slide Show



The Eames Office assembled Goods for the fourth of Charles’s Norton Lectures at Harvard University. The 33-image, 3-screen (11-pass) slideshow features images of old-fashioned “goods” such as cords of wood, bolts of cloth, kegs of nails, and coils of rope.

During the presentation, Charles discussed the joy of simple, well-made, functional objects that are so common that their beauty is often overlooked.

Charles also stressed the importance of “primary experiences,” and explored the notion of “new covetables.” He said that new covetables were “concepts and processes which, if shared, will not diminish in value, will not lead to satiation, and which have to be ‘wanted’ enough to pay the price–the hard work and discipline necessary to arrive at the perception and understanding of the process inherent in the form of the problem.” In short, a “new convetable” is knowledge–the desire and drive to learn and master something new.

In 1982, the Eameses transferred Goods to film with sponsorship from Herman Miller.