DATE - 1967

Originally entitled ExcellenceG.E.M., or Government, Education, and Management, was a 345-image, 3-screen, (115-pass) slide show. 

Additional Information

It was first seen in Miami, Florida, in March 1967 at an I.B.M. Corporation “Corporate Recognition Event” for the I.B.M.’s “Hundred Percent Club.” The Images and narration addressed favorite Eames lecture topics: the need to look at new familiar details often taken for granted and “excellence”—the commitment to work and an understanding of the true meaning of “Quality. 

Many of the slides were pulled from previous slide shows, going back to Lecture IG.E.M. was shown again at the April 1967 Photographers Convention in Century City, Los Angeles. With the last nine passes changed and renamed Smithsonian Gems, it was show again at the Smithsonian Institution in December 1967.

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