Made by Vitra 1996 – Present

70.75″ wide, 16.5″ deep, 46.25″ high

In 1949, Charles and Ray Eames developed an innovative system of freestanding, multifunctional shelves and desks. Similar to the simultaneously constructed Eames House, the Eames Storage Unit (ESU) and the Eames Desk Unit (EDU) adhered to the principles of industrial production.

In collaboration with the Eames Office and Dutch designer Hella Jongerius, a carefully defined new color scheme was chosen to give the Vitra ESU a fresh and contemporary look while still celebrating the spirit of the 1940s and ’50s. The wider ESU Shelf, pictured above, is available in various heights, from a sideboard to a tall bookshelf. The ESU Bookcase is narrower; its four shelf levels correspond to the height of standard ring binders. Fitted with drawers and sliding doors, it provides ample storage space.