Eames Chaise


1968 – Present

Charles and Ray gained inspiration for their Chaise from director Billy Wilder, who said he needed an office couch where he could take catnaps while filming on location. The Eameses recalled Wilder saying he would sometimes rest on a plank of wood supported by two sawhorses. The design duo thought they could come up with a more relaxing option for him, so they created the Eames Chaise with its long and narrow but cushy design.

Charles and Ray made this piece so that Wilder would instinctually cross his arms over his chest upon lying down. Once he fell asleep, his arms naturally dropped to his sides, waking him up from his nap.

You too can have an Eames Chaise. Take a quick rest from work in this beautiful, comfortable, and low profile piece of furniture. It is still manufactured today by Herman Miller and Vitra.