Design in America: The Cranbrook Vision 1925-1950

Posted July 9, 2017

An insightful book about Cranbrook Academy of Art, including the years in which Charles Eames met his best friend, Eero Saarinen, and his lifetime partner, Ray Kaiser.

Design in America: The Cranbrook Vision 1925 – 1950 is reliable, popular, and scholarly history of Cranbrook Academy of Art during its seminal years, including it’s “golden years” when Charles Eames met Ray Kaiser, who became his lifelong partner, and they worked alongside Eero and Eliel Saarinen, Florence Schust Knoll, Harry Bertoia, Harry Weese, and many other design and architecture greats.

Published by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a standard of excellence.



Chapters include:

North by Midwest
Neil Harris

Cranbrook and the Search for Twentieth-Century Form
Robert Judson Clark

The History of the Cranbrook Community
Davira S. Taragin

Eliel Saarinen and the Cranbrook Tradition in Architecture and Urban Design
David G. De Long

Interior Design and Furniture
R. Craig Miller

Metalwork and Bookbinding
J. David Farmer

Christina C. Mayer Thurman

Martin Eidelberg

Sculpture and Painting
Joan Marter

Roy Slade

Biographies of the Artists

Mary Rioardan and John Gerard