Boundaries of Eames St. Louis Globe Democrat 1975

Posted February 13, 2014

Reporter Mary Blume talked with the Eameses in Paris in 1975.

By Mary Blume

St. Louis Globe-Democrat/Los Angeles News Service

January 25-26, 1975

A major exhibit on the lives, times and thoughts of Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin opened in Paris on January 10…Reporter Mary Blume talked with the Eameses in Paris as the show was being installed.

EXCERPT:  “Mrs. Eames, the painter Ray Kaiser, who studied with Hans Hoffman:  Married to Eames in 1941, she has been his principal collaborator since the early days of their marriage, when together they discovered, after studying everything from Egyptian mummy cases to Britain’s Mosquito bomber, a revolutionary way of making furniture from molded plywood.”