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Sea Things is a pattern created by Ray Eames in 1945. It shows a lovingly designed undersea world full of starfish, jellyfish, crustacean, algae and other whimsical creatures. The pattern is conceived so that it can be repeated horizontally or vertically, or only used in part- still always forming a lively underwater universe.
Ray Eames submitted Sea Things together with her Crosspatch design to the Competition for Printed Fabrics organized by the New York Museum of Modern Art in 1947. Sea Things received an honorable mention and was included in the exhibition Printed Textiles for the Home.

Charles & Ray Eames


Eames textile designs were the culmination of Ray’s experience with abstraction and clothing design. Ray illustrated four textile patterns for a competition at the Museum of Modern Art in 1947, two of which were produced during Charles and Ray’s lifetime. Thanks to Maharam and Lucia Eames, the designs have been transformed into textiles for today’s enjoyment.

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