Eames Office Collaborates with UNIQLO on SPRZ NY EAMES Collection

Posted September 19, 2017

The Eames Office is thrilled to announce our collaboration with UNIQLO, a global clothing apparel company with over 1,000 stores worldwide, on its new collection celebrating the work of Charles and Ray Eames.

In collaboration with the Eames Office, UNIQLO will launch its SPRZ NY EAMES Collection starting September 25, 2017. This collection will celebrate the groundbreaking contributions of Charles and Ray Eames to modern design, art, and culture.

SPRZ NY (for “Surprise New York”) is a global project where art and fashion meet, creating something magical. SPRZ NY items are inspired by famed and influential artists of our time, and include specially designed products like T-shirts, outerwear, innerwear, and more.

Among the most influential designers of the 20th century, Charles and Ray Eames transformed how people experienced and observed the world through furniture, architecture, public spaces, films, and graphics for over 40 years. Like the Eames Office, UNIQLO believes that good design and quality objects should be available to all. This belief underpinned Charles and Ray’s work with innovative materials to celebrate “the uncommon beauty of common things” and to uplift people in their everyday lives.

Eames chairs are enduring global best sellers because they so attractively combine sophistication and simplicity. SPRZ NY EAMES will showcase their timeless designs through graphic T-shirts and other items that fuse fashion and art.

SPRZ NY EAMES items will be available in UNIQLO’s Japan and online store starting September 25, before going on sale online in the U.S. and in UNIQLO stores worldwide.

Click here to see the collection.