Soft-Launch of

Welcome to the soft-launch of the NEW The Official site of Charles and Ray Eames.

This site has been in the works for a long time, though we still have some work to do. We call this phase of release a “Soft-launch,” because it is not yet complete! There are still pages to be added and content to be updated. Many of the incomplete pages you will find on this site are marked with a rainbow image to let you know that it’s not quite ready for your discovery.

The work produced by the husband and wife team is tremendous in quality, but in quantity as well. This means that we have a lot of work ahead of us, not only in completing the rest of the pages, but also in maintaining the site for years to come. Our goal is to provide you a reason to check on a daily basis, even several times a day if so inclined.

During this soft-launch we invite you to be Beta-Testers of sorts. We would love to know your thoughts, comments, or suggestions regarding what you see, and what you would like to see.

Thank you for visiting us and allowing the Eames Office to exercise the guest host relationship. May your browsing be fun, informative, and inspiring!

Eames Office Web Team