Computers and Eames Chairs Come of Age together

Featured in this AP Wire Service photo is I.B.M. Data Systems Engineer Diana Rode; her job was to find solutions to data-processing problems for I.B.M. customers. Her chair was an Eames PSCC-3.

This Eames chair model came in two configurations:  the PSCC-3, like Diana’s, had an Intermediate Seating Angle cushion affixed to the back, and another cushion on the seat.

The related PSCC-4, as shown below provided the user with an even more upright position: the Straight Seating Angle Cushion on the back, and a seat cushion.

In 1957, the year before Charles and Ray devised this new version of their fiberglass chair, they undertook their first I.B.M. commission: making the animated film, “The Information Machine,” which was featured in IBM’s Brussels Worlds Fair Pavilion. This animated film places the computer in a historical perspective and shows how creative people, like Diana Rode, could use computers to help define and solve problems.