What Chairs Will Be Used in This Year’s Presidential Debates? Posted August 30, 2016 by Daniel Ostroff

We’re hoping this year’s Presidential Debate stages will be as well-furnished as the ones in 1976.


When Governor Jimmy Carter debated President Gerald Ford on October 22, 1976, they each had Eames drafting chairs at their respective podiums. The EC117 Adjustable Stool Swivel Arm Shells were manufactured by Herman Miller, a Michigan-based company that the Eames Office still works with today. You can see examples of the drafting chair in a page from one of Herman Miller’s 1970s catalogs. Like other Eames designs, the EC117 grew in popularity and was eventually exported all over the world for people to enjoy.


Eames shell chairs are timeless and have always looked at home in a variety of environments, which is one reason you can find them anywhere from Laundromats and classrooms to modern homes and museum collections. While the EC117 is no longer in production, another one of Charles and Ray’s shell designs would be just as fitting on this year’s debate stages as the drafting chair was 40 years ago: the new Eames Counter Stool. The design offers the same height, comfort, and durability as the EC117, but it is lighter in weight.

Eames shell chairs by Herman Miller are built to last and designed to bring you comfort for generations to come. Made in America by highly-skilled American workers, the chair’s components are sustainably sourced and, depending on the finish selected, 63-100% recyclable.

The Eames Counter Stool may be configured with or without upholstery. Seat colors included Parchment, Lemon Yellow, Green, Black, Seal Brown, Ultramarine Blue, and, most fitting for this political season, Navy Blue and Red-Orange.


We encourage everyone to get out and vote this November; in the meantime, take a seat and watch the 1976 Presidential Debate here.