The artwork of Tanya Aguiniga Posted January 7, 2016 by Daniel Ostroff

Last year, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art added Chair for Ray by Tanya Aguiñiga to their permanent design collection.

Chair for Ray by Tanya AguinigaTanya Aguiñiga (b. 1978) is a Los Angeles-based furniture designer/maker raised in Tijuana, Mexico. Her “Chair for Ray” is made of blue, yellow, white, and pink felted raw wool applied to an authentic, vintage Eames Wire Chair, the DAR. The piece was a gift to LACMA from Joel and Margaret Chen.

She has also created Eames DCM, made from a found DCM, which she covered in hand-felted Goatland wool.

When asked to explain why she uses authentic Eames designs as the basis for her own work, Aguiñiga replied,

To me, Charles and Ray Eames represent a kind and responsible approach to design that inspires ideas of an optimistic future. Images of their home and studio life instilled within me a desire to travel, play and explore. This lead to understanding other cultures, and creating more meaningful design.

dcmI had no idea the ubiquitous affect that they had on the history of design until I moved above a mid-century furniture store at 18 years of age. I then became entranced by their work and decided that I too wanted to become a furniture designer. Growing up in California/Mexico, I immediately connected with and felt a kinship to the playfulness and sense of ease with which they designed. The use of Eames chairs in my work pays homage to all the touchstones Charles and Ray represent to me. By spending hours felting and weaving on their chairs, I deconstruct and reconstruct their original designs, understanding their building methodologies better while connecting to every curve and joint in their work. 

All images courtesy of and copyright of Tanya Aguiñiga. To learn more about the artist, please visit her website by clicking here.